about Pinnz


From a young age Pat Nast always had a passion for the past and a vision for the future. Having created the iconic Men’s Apparel Brand, Nat Nast Luxury Originals, once again Pat has spotted a trend, looking around she found it right at her feet.

the new American classic

In 1946, her dad, Nat Nast, invented the very first bowling shirt. Reimagined in 2000, Pat launched an iconic American brand out of her basement. Yes, those  shirts, worn by Charlie Sheen, Matthew Perry and James Gandolfini became a global fashion brand.

Familiar, yet modern, the low top, the Original, was inspired by the iconic 1950’s bowling shoe. Our patented DropTop, like a 2 tone 1950’s convertible, looks great… top up or down.

#pwwp the new american classic

Pinnz Just For the Fun of it

celebrate different

The fashion  world is always on the lookout for the unexpected and that usually includes breaking a few rules along the way.

A Simple Idea in Complicated times, a celebration of the Spirit of Individuality and… just for the fun of it.

We’re Pinnz Originals, WE CELEBRATE DIFFERENT.

#pwwp celebrate different

Pinnz Pair and a Spare

a pair and a spare

Yes, we’re a little crazy… and of course, our shoes come in pairs… but… with Pinnz you can also buy a Spare. Pinnz , the first sneaker company to sell single shoes introduces A Pair and A Spare, for those days when you just feel like being different or, in your favorite team colors, wearing your “lucky left shoe” to the game.

A percentage of proceeds from every Spare purchased, helps to support American causes through our “Spare Change Can Make Change” campaign.

#pwwp be yourself, everyone else is taken

Pinnz Spare Change

spare change can make change

From Pinnz inception, as a sketch and an idea, we are dedicated to supporting American causes, to feeding our children and employing our Veterans.

  • 2 ways we do this: A Pair and a Spare, a portion of the proceeds for each Spare sold.
  • Pinnz-pins are enamel lapel pins, on rings or posts, celebrating individual iconic images. All profits from Pinnz-pins go directly to the organizations for which they were created.

Pinnz core belief is that spare change can make change through our give forward platform Brother Can You Spare a Dime.

#pwwp spare change can make change

it’s a natural

From PeeWee to Pro, Pinnz is a Natural for team colors.  Color blocking that shouts success for supporting College, Regional and Pro sports teams…

Show your true colors … Finally, fashion sneakers with the quality, detail and comfort of a performance shoe. Once you put them on… you’re never going to want to take them off.

#pwwp stand up and stand out

Pinnz Patty Nast - The New American Classic


  • Open box
  • Sit on a comfy chair
  • Stare at both your feet
  • Snap out of it!
  • Hold left Pinnz in right hand
  • Untie, Cross legs
  • Place left shoe on left foot cross over right knee and lace
  • Let your mind wander, dream, dream big….think of what you had for breakfast, what you want for lunch…the sky’s the limit
  • Repeat with right foot
  • Skip the breakfast and lunch part
  • Skip to my lou or is it lew? Google it
  • Stand up. Stand out. Dance like nobody’s watching

you are now officially one of the “people who wear Pinnz”,,, pwwp

#pwwp dance like nobody’s watching